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Furla III

Edition 2002 - The horse would know but the horse can't talk


Exhibition: 23 March - 19 May 2002

Five finalists: Marcello Maloberti, Ottonella Mocellin, Adrian Paci, Daniele Puppi, Sissi

Winner: Sissi

Curators: Chiara Bertola, with the advice of Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Angela Vettese

Critics Selectors: Marcella Beccaria, Costantino Dorazio, Maria Luisa Frisa, Agnes Kohlmeyer, Gianfranco Maraniello, Paola Nicita, Chiara Parisi, Gabriele Perretta, Alessandro Rabottini and Gabi Scardi

National Jury: Dede Auregli (Manager of Spazio Aperto in the Bologna Gallery of Modern Art), Emanuela De Cecco (Art critic, Milan), Giacinto di Pietrantonio (Director of the Bergamo Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art), Francesca Pasini (Art critic and free-lance Curator, Milan), Bartolomeo Pietromarchi (Segretary General of Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Rome), Angela Vettese (Director of the course in Visual Arts at IUAV, Venice)

International Jury: Lothar Baumgarten (Artist), Iwona Blazwich (Director of the White Chapel, London), Ida Giannelli (Director at the Castle of Rivoli, Turin), Vasif Kortun (Director of Proje 4 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul), Jérôme Sans (Director of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris)

Graphic project: Lothar Baumgarten "The horse would know but the horse can't talk".

The special guest of the third edition of the Querini Stampalia-FURLA Award is the artist Lothar Baumgarten. This project is based on the creation of a sort of saying about the difficulty or even the impossibility to judge artists. Artists speak their own language through their works, which cannot be translated in any other language. In Italian, we could use the following saying 'a horse can trot, but it is not a polyglot'.

Furla Graphic Project 2002
Lothar Baumgarten
Furla Graphic Project 2002

Ed. Charta, Milan.


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