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Furla IX
Jimmie Durham, Add Fire
Jimmie Durham, Add Fire

Edition 2013 - Add Fire


Exhibition of the finalist projects: from January 26th 2013 to February 3rd 2013

Place: Ex Ospedale degli Innocenti, Bologna

Five finalists: Tomaso De Luca, Chiara Fumai, Invernomuto, Davide Stucchi, Diego Tonus

Winner: Chiara Fumai

Curator of the Award: Chiara Bertola

Scientific Committee: Chiara Bertola, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Gianfranco Maraniello, Viktor Misiano

Selectors: Yann Chateignè Tytelman, Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Elena Filipovic, Francesco Garutti, Ilaria Gianni, Fanny Gonella, Vincenzo Latronico, Alice Motard, Filipa Ramos, Bart van der Heide

Graphic Project: Jimmie Durham

Catalog: Mousse publishing, Milano


Add Fire is the title – beautiful and destructive – that Jimmie Durham has dedicated to the ninth edition of the 2013 Premio Furla.


Jimmie Durham invites the award’s artists to gravitate towards one of the richest and most contradictory symbols of humanity: aiming for something new – for discovery and progress – it is unable to truly dominate with reason and science, the deepest and most elusive forces of nature.


But we all know how much artists have always loved playing with fire.


Add Fire echoes the need to start anew and wipe clean, characteristics of the Futurist years prior to the First World War. It recalls, as well, the informal research following the war, inspiring as both a vital force and a new means of technology: it is the flame that burns everything and becomes a fire; yet, it is also the flame that leaves traces of creation.


It is perhaps here that we find something belonging to the Add Fire proposed by Durham, something belonging to the urgency still felt today – the urgent need to carry out that which does not end in the creation of a work, but rather generates a flow of meaning able to spread beyond the work that has been done, re-emerging from the ashes, from the blackened fragments, from the darkness of the soot. Because, today, we long for the birth of something new. And rebirth can come from fire.



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