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Furla VI

Edition 2007 - On Mobility


Exhibition: 27 January – 10 March 2007

Place: Villa delle Rose, the location of MAMbo – Bologna Museum of Modern Art

Five finalists: Alice Cattaneo, Elenia Depedro, Nicola Gobbetto, Luca Trevisani, Nico Vascellari

Winner: Luca Trevisani

Curators: Chiara Bertola, curator and creator of this Award and Gianfranco Maraniello, curator of the exhibition and the catalogue.

Critics Selectors: Caroline Corbetta, Francesco Manacorda, Daniele Perra, Camilla Seibezzi, Marina Sorbello

First Jury: Chiara Bertola (Curator of FURLA Art Award); Giulio Ciavoliello (Critic and free-lance Curator); Mario Codognato (Curator of MADRE – Donna Regina Art Museum); Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (Director of GAMEC, Bergamo); Walter Guadagnini (President of the Scientific Committee UniCredit & Art); Gianfranco Maraniello (Director MAMbo – Bologna Museum of Modern Art); Jonathan Watkins (Critic and free-lance Curator).

Second Jury: Chiara Bertola (Curator of Furla Award); Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (Curator-in-chief at the Castello di Rivoli, Turin); Yuko Hasegawa (Curator-in-chief at MOT, Tokyo); Mona Hatoum (Artist); Christoph Tannert (Director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin); Bartomeu Marí (Curator-in-chief at MACBA, Barcelona)

Graphic project: Mona Hatoum "On mobility"

The special guest of the sixth edition of “Furla Art Prize” is the artist Mona Hatoum. The project suggested by this Lebanese artist, who was born in Palestine and now lives in Berlin, is based on the manipulation of a simple map taken from the seat's pocket of an airplane, tracing the fight network of an airline company. The artist has coloured the black spaces from one flight to the another, tracing the drawing of a spinnaker. A sail is raised on anywhere in the world, giving form and immediate visibility to movement.

The theme of movement described by the artist, however, hides a message going beyond the phenomenon of physical movement, which can be tragic or privileged, as well as the dynamics of people flow. Looking at the artistic world, Mona Hatoum lets a different use of art transpire, talking to the sense of disorientation and instability provoked by movement. It conveys this concept not only through its contents, but also through its forms. This is that “moving of thoughts” Paul Ricoer already indicated. The possibility of recreating thoughts within new mental spaces represents the essential resource of the mankind.

Furla Graphic Project 2007
Mona Hatoum
Furla Graphic Project 2007

Ed. Charta, Milan.


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