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Anita Sieff
Anita Sieff, Risonanze (Resonances), sound installation, 21’14’’, 2010
Anita Sieff, Risonanze (Resonances), sound installation, 21’14’’, 2010

The Museum’s dining room is haunted by invisible figures who fill the space with their words and lead us to imagine them chatting and exchanging ideas around a table, a table laid out with plates, cutlery, and glasses the noise of which we hear in the background.


What we are listening to are Public meetings held in the Guggenheim Museum. Public is a work begun in 1996 in the Guggenheim Museum in Venice where, for five years, Anita Sieff promoted weekly meetings between artists, curators, critics, scientists, and experts from other fields of knowledge, asking them to present themselves through the exchange and sharing of ideas. This was not a question of debates and conferences on pre-established themes, but genuine experiments, performances for developing creative thinking. In Resonances different temporal and spatial planes are superimposed, mixed together and contribute to establishing the overall meaning of the work. There is the time/ space of the here and now were we find ourselves by hearing these voices in the Museum; there is the time/space referring to the original experience triggered by Public; there is also a time/space projecting us into the eighteen century when the same room was filled with guests of the Querini Stampalia family.


The installation was donated by Anita Sieff in occasion of the exhibition Ordine di senso (Sense of Order) in 2010.  


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