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George Adéagbo
George Adéagbo, Punu masks from the Gabonese Republic
Agostino Osio
George Adéagbo, Punu masks from the Gabonese Republic

For Georges Adéagbo everything always begins when an invitation arrives for one of his site-specific installations. The city, the history of the place (in this case that of the Querini family with the art objects contained in their house/museum) become the starting point from which the whole plan of the show derives.


This pre-selected place then begins to become familiar and is analysed and studied, excavated and explored as though by an archeologist delving both into high knowledge and the most common behaviour. His art consists of gathering and organising the infinite possibilities for stories connected to the most varied objects. Like a collector of the cultural “things” and “symbols” of the world, Adéagbo works by weaving a critical dialogue between his African background and that of the West.


George Adéagbo donated to the Museum of Querini Stampalia Foundation two African masks shown in the exhibition La Rencontre ..! Venise-Florence ..! in 2008. These are two painted wooden artifacts from the southern half of Gabon (Central Africa), depicting the faces of two female figures representing the spirit of the dead during the funeral ceremonies traditional.


Through the use of personal comments handwritten on small pieces of paper placed next to these objects, Adéagbo creates conceptual links that bring together a wide range of thoughts, visions, perspectives belonging to different worlds so distant and different each other.


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