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Educational activities 2015
educational activities 2015
educational activities 2015


C'era una volta la Russia. Lo sguardo di Ivan Glazunov


visits and workshops of the exhibition, curated by Ca'Arte Lab

October 17 2014 - January 9 2015


Waiting for Expo

workshops for schools about Food and Water

curated by Barchetta Blu

January - February


Greedy Carnival at Querini Stampalia

animated readings and workshops for families and schools about “The most delicous festivity in the world” curated by Barchetta Blu

February 10 and 15


Grisha Bruskin. Alefbet: alfabeto della memoria

visits and workshops of the exhibition, curated by Ca'Arte Lab

February 27 - September 11


Sing play n'Jump into English

English course for children 4-6 years old, curated by Macacotour

April - June and October - December


I Poeti si raccontano - Omaggio di Poesia

XIII edition of the annual meeting born from the relationship between the poet Mario Stefani and the

Querini Stampalia Foundation

May 12


Caccia al segno

activity for families, curated by Macaco Tour on the occasion of Kid Pass Days

May 30 and 31


Leggere in giardino

animated readings in the Carlo Scarpa garden

curated by Margherita Stevanato

June 11 and 25


Queriniana. Storie notturne dei Querini segreti

meeting with the writer Alberto Toso Fei

on the occasion of the V edition of Art Night

June 20


Kattivissimi, pozioni e fantasmi all'opera

music and fairy-tale workshop with Cristina Bersanelli

October 4


Tracce Contemporanee

free visits at the contemporary collection of Querini Stampalia

on the occasion of X edition of Contemporary Day

October 10


Manuzio 500. Un libro di suoni

music workshop, curated by Cecilia Vendrasco

October 23 and 30


Drops of Art/Perles d'art

English and French weekly lessons in the Museum starting from the ancient collection of Querini

Stampalia, curated by Luisa Warman and Hélène Galante

October and November


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