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Fili: meeting with Elisabetta Di Maggio... at T Fondaco dei Tedeschi. 25 October, 6.30 pm.
T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice
Photo Marco Cappelletti
T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice
25 October 2017

Let’s take some time!

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, celebrating the first anniversary of its opening to the public, dedicates its new cultural calendar to the topic of “time”.

Visitors at Fondaco will therefore be invited to “take their time”, while wondering about their perception of time in the age of suddenness, of ephemeral things, of life on the fast track. They will have the opportunity to take part in a number of encounters with artists, writers, and musicians who have put time at the centre of their reflections, along with all the different ways to beat time and retain it.


Wednesday 25th. October, 6.30 pm, in collaboration with Fondazione Querini Stampalia:

Fili: meeting with Elisabetta Di Maggio. A conversation with Chiara Bertola and Bianca Tarozzi

For Elisabetta Di Maggio, whose exhibition Almost Transparent Nature curated by Chiara Bertola will be open to the public until November 26 at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, time is the most important matter of her works; “Memory and its stratifications are a source of inspiration for our existence,giving us precious clues and provoking mental short circuits that ideas spring from…”


Free entry to all events until capacity is reached.

Booking is required by writing an email to



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