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Fondazione Querini Stampalia can be supported in different ways, according to everybody's wishes and possibilities.


Becoming a Friend of Querini Stampalia means supporting the Foundation, taking part in cultural events and in many other activities indicated in an exclusive program.


A donation or a bequest contributes to increase the artistic and library heritage as well as gives value to the collections. The name of the donors will be always remembered in the history of the Foundation.


Companies can associate their brand to a great cultural tradition, through profitable cooperation or by supporting a project.


Another way to help the Institution is to donate 0.5% of your income tax.


Voluntary work enables to participate actively to the life of the Foundation and offer your contribution through your time and professional skills.


Planning an event at Querini Stampalia can be an original way to transform it into a very special moment. A conference, a business meeting, a dinner at Fondazione Querini can be definitely special in one of the most ancient and contemporary Italian cultural institutions.


Like never before, donations are essential to give a future to our Foundation.


"Everything we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if don't do it, that drop will be lost forever e" (Mother Teresa)

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