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Scarpa:yesterday,today and tomorrow

Scarpa: yesterday, today and tomorrow

#givingtuesday – November 27th, 2018

Project of preservation and safeguarding

In the case of exceptional tides, it is not possible to stop the water from entering the Scarpa area. Instead, work ca be carried out to prevent the rising damp and limiting or even eleminating the damage it causes. It is a project of preservation and safeguarding that exploit the innovative technologies related to the magnetic fields.

Cost of the intervention 40.000 euros.

The support of everyone can help us to preserve this extraordinary place. And it's an even  more precious help  on the occasion of the #givingtuesday because it recurs the 28th of November  is the 40th anniversary of the death of Carlo Scarpa: an tribute and a gesture of gratitude for his genius and his precious work.


"inside, inside the high water; inside like in the rest of the city. It is just matter of containing it, governing it, using it as a luminous and reflecting material: you will see how the light will play on the stuccos ... of the ceiling. Such a wonder!". This was Carlo Scarpa's reply , one morning in 1961, to the requests of Giuseppe Mazzariol, the director of the Foundation, regarding the need to isolate the building from the high tide.

Scarpa's renovation, which uses water as an essential element, was inaugurated two years later. The Aqua Granda, the huge flood of 1966, had yet to happen. This was an exceptional tide, lasting more than 20 hours, which reached 194 centimeters and caused huge damage all over Venice, on the islands and  the whole coastline.  It was a  high tide that also flooded the spaces designed by Carlo Scarpa, going over the top of the elegant barriers and submerging the sinuous paths, all devised  by the master to regulate the water. Scarpa had not foreseen it when, "with laughing eyes and a great but also shy happiness of communicating a gift: the solution to the problem, and moreover the beauty, the payful effect, the unexpected enchantment", he explained the project to Mazzariol.

On the 29th of October of this year, the fourth highest tide of the last century reached 156 centimeters. Nowadays the city is better prepared for flooding, but the damage in the historical center was considerable nevertheless. Once more the water also engulfed the Scarpa area, climbing, centimeter after centimeter, the marble steps of the canalside and cascading over the barriers. And once again the flooding of the spaces lasted almost two days.


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Acqua alta 29 ottobre 2018
Acqua alta 29 ottobre 2018

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