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Water by Lilya
Sea Foam - Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 160 x 23cm, 2012
Lilya Pavlovic-Dear
Sea Foam - Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 160 x 23cm, 2012
From 06 May to 02 August 2015

A project by Aktinos Gallery, Paris.

On May 1, 2015 the Universal World Exhibition will open in Milan with the theme Food, and in extension, Venice will have the theme of water.

Lilya’s inspiration is Water. It is in line with her continuity of working on nature’s fundamental elements Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and intriguingly appropriate for Venice. The exhibition consists of aerial views of waterscapes as well as sculptural / installation paintings of water in movement. Lilya Pavlovic-Dear explores different facets of the Goddess of Water.

The work of Lilya is timeless and nourished by her personal memory, Mediterranean myths, and todays ecological planetary preoccupations.

Essential treasure of the world and of life, water made a very strong impression on the artist. This theme was chosen as the main inspiration of her recent series of works. She brings through her creation an artistic witness to the efforts to conserve Water. She sees painting as a universal language and in this sense examined over the last forty years the elements of the cosmos. This work by stratum connects up with a memorial work where her impressions interlace.

Water is here the intimate element, contemplated during her visits to Bandol on the Cote d’Azur, or her travels elsewhere in the world. These aquatic reminiscences mingle with the myths of antiquity. Lilya said that she wanted to give to water the changing faces of the goddess. Mottled  like rich fabrics, illuminated from the inside by an accomplished talent which mixes acrylics and oils, water is in turn opaque, inconsistent in its’ transparency, receptacle of seasonal movements of impressions uniting their appearance. The calm as does peace, confronts the violence of the turmoil of the waves.

Lilya is a nomad. Her painting has inherited the mixture of contributions from the Orient to the Occident. Her particular experience nourishes with authenticity her painting. The ranges of blues and greens conjugate the presence of the element as much pregnant as unforeseeable, in their vital unleashing. Water is at the heart of life. It is the nourishing mother spirit. That is what her paintings express.   

Text by Lydia Harambourg, Paris, Art Critic for the Gazette de l’hôtel Drouot and correspondent for l’Académie des beaux-arts de l’Institut de France Painting section

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Water by Lilya - press release

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