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Anita Sieff

Anita Sieff

Sense of Order

25 March - 30 May 2010

curated by Chiara Bertola


It is an investigation into the endless possibilities of recreating a balance amid multiple experiences and meanings. Through more than twenty works such as drawings, pictures, films, video installations, many of them specifically thought for Fondazione Querini Stampalia's spaces, the artist brings out the memory of this place, where the past is closer to the present in one spatio-temporal dimension.

This is her first one-woman show in Venice, the city where the artist lives and works.

Admiring her works, visitors can elaborate and bring different meanings within themselves and with them, helping to give a new sense of order to things. Anita Sieff's project develops between the area dedicated to exhibitions and the Museum, creating a dialogue with the spaces and with people who lived here in the past as well as those living here today.

Anita Sieff has been working in the field of visual arts since the 1980s and her works describe the changes caused by our contemporary society, influenced by the mass media, to people and their interpersonal relationships. Through the exaltation of physical appearance and the uncontrolled push toward consumerism, it devoures human beings and their most private identity, depriving them of the capacity to discover themselves. Returning to our origins through history becomes the way to recreate a link with a basic and structural principle, enabling us to sail with determination toward those shores leading to our personal fate, far from the annihilation of people's consumerist fate.

The project was held thanks to the coopeation of the Veneto Region.


Images of the exhibition


Catalogue: Anita Sieff. Sense of Order.<<<<,

Edizioni Gli Ori, Prato, 2010, in versione italiana e inglese

texts by: Chiara Bertola, Anita Sieff, John Peter Nilsson (Curator of Moderna Museet, Stockholm) and Carlos Basualdo (Curator of Contemporary Art at Philadelphia Museum of Art). The cards of the works are curated by Marta Savaris.

Order of Sense
Anita Sieff
Order of Sense

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