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Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer

Luoghi Sospesi

29 November 2005 – 8 January 2006

curated by Chiara Bertola


During the traditional days dedicated to Carlo Scarpa's works and at his conservation, set up by Fondazione Querini Stampalia every 28 November (date of death of the architect), Candida Höfer shows her photos exhibition about the architecture of his great Venetian master for the first time in Italy.

Since the end of the Seventies, the German artist has chosen public spaces and interiors as the subject of her pictures. They are mainly cultural and institutional places, neutral and cold spaces in which Candida Höfer represents architectual works without limiting their tradition and preserving the temporal and cultural dimension to which they belong.

In this way, the artist captures her subjects in the very moment they are ready to welcome visitors, just a second before they get crowded as usual, all days.

In her photos, human beings are totaly absent, however there is a “lack of presence&rdquo rather than an ’absenceè. Places look like suspended and ready to welcome visitors, which are the very performers in those spaces, the owners of those rooms, the users of those museums, the readers of those books.


The photo exhibition and a text by Chiara Bertola are included in “Carlo Scarpa. L’opera e la sua conservazione. VII.2004”, curated by Maura Manzelle, Fondazione Archivio del Moderno, Accademy of Architecture, Mendrisio, 2005.


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