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Georges Adéagbo

Georges Adéagbo

“La rencontre”..! Venise – Florence..!

17 November 2007 – 10 February 2008

curated by Chiara Bertola and Stephan Koehler


Adéagbo is a collector of pictures, books, articles, cloths, obects, systematically classified following different criteria according to the context.

The result is given by “site-specific” installations filling spaces with the 'heterogeous moltiplicity' of signs, images and concepts related among them through a skillful game of meanings, correspondences, references. The relation between Africa and Europe, the history of colonization, the tragedy of war and slavery, the cultural cannibalism, religion, democracy and art are some of the dearest topics to the artist. He shows his interest in local stories and legendary heroes, performing significant narrations whose meaning goes beyond the boundaries among countries, times, languages.

Georges Adéagbo's project is the fruit of his investigation between the history of Venice and that of Querini Stampalia's family. It is an alienating eye, the meeting of two completely different cultures.

The first exhibition of the artist in an Italian institution was organized in cooperation with the Veneto Region and the ‘Centro d’arte Spaziotempo’ of Florence.


Images of the exhibition


Georges Adéagbo “La rencontre”! Venise – Florence..!

Edizioni Gli Ori, Prato, 2007.

La rencontre..! Venise  Florence..!
Geoges Adeagbo
La rencontre..! Venise Florence..!

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