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II. le pietre del cielo. Luigi Ghirri and Paolo Icaro

Fondo Luigi Ghirri (part two)

le pietre del cielo Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro

November 11th 2017 - January 28th 2018

curated by Chiara Bertola and Giuliano Sergio      


For the second part of the research programme related to the Fondo Luigi Ghirri, the Fondazione Querini Stampalia has envisaged a project focussing on photography and sculpture, creating a new opportunity for development between artistic languages. The invitation was accepted by a great master of contemporary sculpture, Paolo Icaro.  


The Turin sculptor views architecture as the exploration of a place. His works are intimate constructions, memories which trace the coordinates of a possibility of living, of portable landscapes. This possibility is created thanks to minimal iron and stone elements which work with flexibility and fragmentation, stability and collapse. His structures evoke a mental spatiality which is the recollection of places, a subject dear to Luigi Ghirri’s photos in which everyday experiences become mythology.  


The exhibition in the Scarpa Area of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia will display the private landscapes of these two artists, selecting works from Ghirri’s Profilo delle nuvole (1989) to hang alongside works specially chosen by Icaro from his output from the 1960s until the present.   


The exhibition has been organised together with Galleria P420 in Bologna with the support of the Galleria Massimo Minini in Brescia.  


On Juanuary 24th, The Querini Stampalia Foundation promoted a conversation with Lara Conte (art historian), Andrea Cortellessa (literary critic and historical of Italian literature, associate professor at the DAMS in Roma Tre University), the artist Paolo Icaro, Arturo Carlo Quintavalle (historian and art critic of international fame, professor emeritus at University in Parma), the curators of the exhibition Chiara Bertola e Giuliano Sergio.    


The Fondo Luigi Ghirri Notebook no. 2 edited by Corraini collected the minutes of this conference.     


Images of the exhibition

le pietre del cielo. Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro
Michele Sereni
le pietre del cielo. Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro
le pietre del cielo - press release
le pietre del cielo - works in the exhibition

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