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Recent offers of contemporary art works
Joseph Kosuth, <talent/um, tolerare>, neon installation, 2000
Joseph Kosuth, , neon installation, 2000

On the occasion of the project Conserving the Future artists are invited to introduce their new works according to the salons and the historical heritage of the Foundation and its collections.


As a result of it, the site-specific exhibitions are related to the salons and the ancient works of the House-Museum of the Querini Stampalia family.


Each exhibition is based on a careful and well aware comparison with the ancient funds of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, by all artists approaching its heritage with awareness and interest, demonstrating once again to understand its exclusive potentiality that needs to be revealed and valued.


Artists often decide to leave one of their exhibited works to the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. It is becoming a sign of their experience with the institution as well as the authentic proof of the interaction between the past and the present.


George Adéagbo, Punu Masks, 2008

Margherita Andreu, Interior 3 (green), 2004

Stefano Arienti, Fire Doors, 2008

Giuseppe Caccavale, Istituto di traduzione, 2013

Elisabetta Di Maggio, Untitled – Wall #5, 2004

Mona Hatoum, T42 (gold), 1999

Ilya&Emilia Kabakov, They are looking down, 1998

Joseph Kosuth,The Material of Ornament , 1997; talentum>tolerare,  2000

Maria Morganti,  Painting for the Nineteenth century Room, 2008

Giulio Paolini, Elea, 2009

Remo Salvadori, Nel momento (At the Moment), 2005

Mariateresa Sartori, Il suono della lingua (Tha Sound of Language), 2008

Anita Sieff, Risonanze (Resonances), 2010

Kiki Smith, Io (seated), 2005

Qiu Zhijie,The Map of Domestic Zoomorphology, 2013


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