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Elisabetta Di Maggio
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Untitled – Wall #5 incisions on plaster, 2004
Agostino Osio
Elisabetta Di Maggio, Untitled – Wall #5 incisions on plaster, 2004

In a corner of the Giuseppe Jappelli Room, Elisabetta Di Maggio has cut through the wall plaster, revealing to the light layers of earlier colours and so the time that has passed over them.


Elisabetta embroiders the walls allowing buried memories to flower on the surfaces. She uses embroidery like a universally acknowledged language for telling stories made of fragments which speak of time. She traces fine and fragile threads which attempt to tie together the past, the present and the future, inventing maps of fine and improbable archipelagos to journey through and over with a glance.


The project of this artist starts from a wish to create a dialogue with time: in a place once a family residence, crossed by mundane gestures, the daily motion of embroidering the wall recuperates the memory of a life.


After a careful study of the details, the artist has chosen five different fragments of the original fabrics which over the course of five centuries have covered the rooms of the palace. Assembling, transforming and redesigning the forms, Elisabetta has composed an elaborate lace which she has then incised on the walls. The effect reminds one of places where ripped fragments of tapestries are the only witnesses of the elapsed life. In this thin suspension time no longer exists, the suspended memory becomes present and takes on a universal form.


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