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Costume event
From 16 to 21 February 2012

In view of the Carnival 2012, Fondazione Querini Stampalia will be organizing a series of initiatives on the topic “Life is a theatre. All dressed up in costume.”. From 16 to 21 February at 3 pm, there will be an exceptional guided tour in Italian of the House Museum enabling visitors to discover the customs and practices of the most amazing festivity of Serenissima. Fondazione Querini Stampalia invites all participants to dress up in costume for the event. The guides will be dressed up as well. The clothes, created by Rubelli for the exhibition "Lampassi, damasks and brocades in Pietro Longhi's paintings", using fabrics inspired by Querini Stampalia's portrait collection, will accompany the guests in this journey through time, amid traditions and curiosities, plays and shows in occasion of one of the most ancient and charming recurrences of the Venetian history, as described by Pietro Longhi's and Gabriel Bella's portraits dated back to the Eighteenth century. French guided tours in costume will be organized on 18, 19 and 20 February at 4 pm. A sweet break will be offered at Querinicaffè with tastings of chocolate, tea or champagne with typical Venetian cakes. Booking required at 041 5234411. The cost for guided tour and tasting is 15 per person

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