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families education
families education

Educational programs for families, parents and children from 3 to 18



Every year the Fondazione plans a new program of art education for families, according to their everchanging needs.



The activities are organized with the purpose of bringing children and parents, both visitors and residents, together to spend some creative and exciting time. Learning Art, History and Culture is not only the goal but also a process through which promoting the welfare of the families.



The family program runs throughout the year, every year in a different way. It focuses however in special periods, such as Carnival, Christmas and Easter, when the families most look for interesting and engaging activities. Initiatives can vary according to their organization and the age of participants. 



The activities are promoted in the events section of the website and through our newsletter.

If you want to subscribe, please write to [email protected].






Casa Macchietta



By leaving this inheritance to the city of Venice, Count Giovanni aimed to offer a comfortable place for students and intellectuals. After 150 years, we still respect his wish through a new service for users, visitors and citizens.


A guarded place created for children from 3 to 9 years old, ideal to host workshops, readings and games in a welcoming and safe place. This space is called Casa Macchietta, like the name of one of dogs kept at the Querini Palace, as reported in some old family letters.


The kids love it and would never leave it, while the parents can enjoy visiting the Museum, reading a book in the Library or taking a coffee break at our Caffè Letterario.

Information and Booking

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