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Fašade of the Querini Stampalia Palace
Photo by Claudio Franzini
Fašade of the Querini Stampalia Palace

Considered one of the most interesting architectural structures in Venice, the Querini Stampalia Palace is located near St. Mark's Square.

It was the official ancient residence of the Querini Stampalia family and today it is the seat of the eponymous Foundation. There is evidence that the Querini family resided in Santa Maria Formosa from the 1200s, though we have more substantive information from the end of the fifteenth century. The reputation of the Querinis grew during the first decades of the sixteenth century, leading the family to initiate a series of structural improvements.

A document dated 1514 testifies to an important modification to the structure, commissioned by Nicolò Querini, enlarging the new palace. Choices made in these years, however, demonstrate the lack of a unifying project and  resulted in an uneven construction process. The Palace has been enhanced over time with other adjacent properties and additions. At times it was divided into apartments that were partially rented out.

During the nineteenth century, Count Giovanni decided to transfer his residence to the first floor, leasing the whole main floor to the Patriarch of Venice.

In 1869, when the Count died, the Palace became the home for the Foundation he had envisioned.The Library is on the first floor and on the main floor the Museum displays paintings, furniture, porcelain, sculptures and art objects that belonged to the historic residence of the noble family. Further redevelopments of the residence have been possible thanks to Carlo Scarpa, Valeriano Pastor and Mario Botta.


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