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The Testament of Earl Giovanni
Photo by Nicola Bustreo
The Testament of Earl Giovanni

“… Certain is the death, uncertain the time when it happens. I, Giovanni Querini Stampalia, son of Count Alvise and of Countess Maria Lippomano, being sound of mind, leave my properties with my last will and testament as follows.

…The only heir of my every movable and unmovable property, the property rights, a scientific foundation that I found with the name of Fondazione "Querini" with the aims that will be listed below …

My Library, Gallery, collections of Medals, Art objects host in my Palace in S.Zaccaria will be designated to a public use. – In addition there will be a reading room on the first floor of my palace in the rooms I live in. – The reading room and the Library will remain open during the days and times that … according to the will of the curators, but always during all those days and times the public Libraries are closed, especially at night. For the scholars there will be placed, not in the library, but in a near beautiful and comfortable room, heaters and carpets for the winter. - There will be room for evening meetings between national and international scholars and scientists … At least a third part of my annual income will be used for this free library foundation and for the evening meetings among scholars and friends of knowledge who are not present in this city. The main goal of Fondazione Querini will be to promote devotion to the cult of good studies and useful disciplines…”


From the Will of Count Giovanni Querini Stampalia, son of Alvise, written in Venice on 11 December, 1868 and published the day of his death by the testator on 25 May, 1869.


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