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Since 1979, the Municipality of Venice has considered Fondazione Querini Stampalia's Library as the Civic Library of the historic city centre.


The Library cooperates actively with the Sistema Bibliotecario e Museale Provinciale ("Provincial Library and Museum System") (SBMP) of Venice,  and agrees with ALVISE (Interlibrary Loan Network) e  working in the field of professional retraining.


Also the Veneto Region recognizes the importance of the Library's activities for the professional training of its personnel. The Library houses, updates and manages the Biblioteca Regionale di Biblioeconomia e Archivistica ("Regional Library of Library Economic and Archiving"), which represents a reference point for this kind of documentation.


Since the late1980s, Fondazione Querini Stampalia's Library has been cooperating with Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana ("National Library of St Mark's") as well as with the Polo del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale ("Polo of the National Library System") (SBN) of Venice. It contributes to the catalogue's activites and to the Interlibrary loan. It also makes available its risources and qualified personnel.

Regarding professional training at university, the Library cooperates with Ca' Foscari University of Venice. During masters and other courses, the Library both organizes and houses Library Economic lessons.


The Library gives the opportunity to attend traineeships of different lenghts in association with Ca' Foscari and other universities.


The Library is constantly updated on professional development and it supports Associazione Italiana Biblioteche ("Italian Library Association") (AIB). The Library's area is available for the Veneto Region, supporting its local and national activities as well as encouraging collective participation.

The Library is also the centre of Sezione del Veneto del MAB ("MAB Program in Veneto Region")   the national coordination of qualified personnel in museums, archives and libraries, established in June 2012 by Associazione Italiana Biblioteche ("Italian Library Association"), Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana ("National Association of Italian Archives") and ICOM Italia (International Council of Museum – Italian National Committee).


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