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Regional Library

Since 2000, all materials belonging to Servizio Regionale Beni Librari e Archivistici ("Regional Service of Books and Archives") of the Veneto Region are kept at Biblioteca Regionale di Biblioteconomia e Archivistica ("Regional Library of Librarianship and Archiving").

Said material has been integrated with the Librarianship and Archiving documents present in Fondazione Querini's Library.

The Library’s documentary collection, as well as its opening hours respond to the dispositions of the regional mandate which establishes that users are to have free access to the material in order to emphasize and enrich the Library’s and archive’s resources.

Fondazione Querini’s activities support the regional library community being faithful to its professional commitment by providing scientific documents and training activities.

The Library benefits from a constant increase in its bibliographic patrimony, which counts hundreds of monographies, manuals, bibliographies, essays and in-depth examinations, besides thirty specialized subscription magazines in several languages.

All the information concerning the Library is indicated in the SBN Indice catalogue, and can be searched in OPAC del Polo SBN di Venezia in the standard search engines or by searching in “Possessore/Provenienza/Autore Dedica" e digitandovi “Biblioteca Regionale” dall'opzione Ricerca avanzata. You can investigate on the final synthetic descriptions through the function “Raffina” ("Refine Your Search") which enables to carry out researches by author, title, subject etc.

Once found, the works are made available through the Service of Interlibrary Loan Service, Personal Loan and Document Delivery Service, both in printed copy and digital format.


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