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Maria Morganti. Project for the Mario Botta Café at the Querini Stampalia. Textiles by Bonotto
Maria Morganti, Svolgimento di un quadro, 2017
Maria Morganti, Svolgimento di un quadro, 2017
From 09 May 2017 to 00 0000

Maria Morganti was asked to interact with one of the Querini Stampalia's places designed by the architect Mario Botta, the cafeteria.

Development of a painting  is a permanent installation: the cafeteria's walls are adorned with textiles designed by the artist in close collaboration with the textile company Bonotto.

9 May at 11.30 a.m. official presentation of the project, artist will be present.

The colours choice for textiles was inspired by the Quadro per la Sala dell’800, which Maria Morganti painted in 2008 during repeated visits to the museum’s picture gallery.

The painting originated from the colours found in the flower in the hair of the woman in a Milesi painting (La Modella, 1910): during each visit, Maria Morganti collected a colour and took it back to the studio with her, materialising it in a layer of paint on the canvas. The painting is the result of the superimposition of these experiences.

“How to give shape to the small and concentrated colour formed on a daily basis in my studio?”, asked herself Maria Morganti. Then, she imagined the painting expanding, opening, that the colour was distributed in the space. She envisaged a dilatation of the painting in the architecture as if every single layer were peeling off three-dimensionally in the space. “I perceived the architecture, - affirms Maria Morganti - I felt Mario Botta’s space, as the place where my colour had the chance to establish itself, to settle and to take up its own space.”


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