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MATTA. Roberto Sebastian MATTA - Gordon MATTA-CLARK - Pablo ECHAURREN
From 28 May to 18 August 2013

Three names, three histories an just one common denominator: art.

The exhibition, organized by Galleria d'Arte Maggiore – G.A.M. - Bologna,  aims at investigating the ideas and thoughts passed on – across generations, time and geography – from Roberto Sebastian Matta to his sons Gordon Matta-Clark and Pablo Echaurren.

For the first time together, the exhibition gathers three main protagonists of the international art scene in the spaces of the Scarpa Area of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. Gordon Matta-Clark and Pablo Echaurren don't only share the same father Roberto Sebastian Matta, historical personality who took part in the Surrealism and influenced the american artists of the Abstract Espressionism with his canvas and sculptures, but both of them are two personages of the contemporary artistic scene with their own different expressive styles.

The exhibition, curated by Danilo Eccher, starts with the work of Roberto Sebastian Matta and thanks to the works of its protagonists goes through half century of history of art, lived in three different countries: France, United States and Italy.

The cross-section obtained is not confined to a family, even if exceptional, but widens its borders to the cultural and political environment in which these artists were deeply immersed.

Children of the same father, but of different mothers, both Gordon and Pablo had a conflicting relationship with the father figure and they have both searched a conceptual dialogue – impossible in their private life – with Matta through their art even if they have elaborated – each one with his own style – unique and different languages.

If the similarity with Matta-Clark can have references even at a formal, aesthetic-architectural level which is present in a different way even in his father's work, in Echaurren the affinity is to be found above all in the conceptual aspect deriving from the same Dadaist and late Surrealist source of his father  and brother.

The link between their art forms will be critically deepened by Danilo Eccher in the catalogue of the exhibtion, published by Silvana Editoriale. However it is clear that what is present in their works are social relations, they always looking for a relationship with the public who doesn't only participate but is involved directly or indirectly, physically and mentally, culturally and socially, inside or outside the work.

It is not just a coincidence if Matta defines the anthropomorphous figures both in his paintings and in his sculptures as “social morphologies”, as a passing transformation from interior landscapes to the exterior world.

Roberto Sebastian MATTA  Gordon MATTA-CLARK  Pablo ECHAURREN
Roberto Sebastian MATTA Gordon MATTA-CLARK Pablo ECHAURREN
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