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NICK DEVEREUX - Inpainting
From 28 May to 30 June 2013

It is artist’s Nick Devereux (b. 1978; Panama City) first solo show in an Italian institution.

This articulated project expands on Devereux’s investigation of the visual system and focuses on ideas of perception and representation, questioning those which are considered to be established and fixed codes in art history.

Appropriating and reformulating images and their subject matter, Devereux’s works generate an animation of a certain portrayal of the past, creating a short circuit between the acknowledged and the undisclosed, between the apparently familiar and the arcane.  

For 'Inpainting'  the artist embarks on a completely new research, starting from the text in which Pausanias, the Greek traveller and geographer of the II century AD, known for Description of Greece, diligently describes in this ten volume cultural geography of the Greek territory, the now-destroyed frescoes of Polygnotus at Delphi.

After an exhaustive study and analysis of the narrative, Devereux decided to elaborate the information recounted by Pausianias, both through references to the historical context as much as through his personal observation and interpretation of the specific images. 

Paring down the text to the objects, gestures and landscapes described, the artist developed a new version of the script composed exclusively by tangible fragments derived from the original piece.

'Inpainting' gathers a series of paintings, referencing those same symbolic fragments, selected, isolated and transformed by Devereux, which together reconstruct an abstract and mystified script alluding to the original oeuvre.

Devereux’s research explores and morphs the structure and authority of the icon, freeing potential and unexpressed associations, while simultaneously eluding illustrative representation.

Nick Devereux
\"Amnion\" 2013
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