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Events for May 2012
From 31 March to 24 May 2012
Emilio Pizzolato's Photo exhibition, curated by Etta Lisa Basaldella. Thirty pictures describing the Venetian photographer's experience in the land of gods during his seven journeys, on foot and on a mule, along the wide plateau of the Hymalayan Mountains, from...
15 May 2012
An invitation to be touched by great classical music. An event to understand what musicians from the past still have to say about the world today and to experience how they can enrich our spirits. This is the main theme of Fuori la musica. Meet Mario Brunello,...
From 15 May to 16 September 2012
Project in cooperation with Fondazione Querini Stampalia For the first time in its showrooms, Fondazione The Merz from Turin will be presenting an anthological exhibition dedicated to Marisa Merz. This will be the second step of a project in cooperation with...
18 May 2012
On the occasion of the publication of “Maghi si diventa” by Fiora Gandolfi, 2012, Fondazione Querini Stampalia will be dedicating a meeting to Helenio Herrera, the coach who, from the Fifties to the Eighties, drastically changed the psychophysical...
23 May 2012
A project created and followed by Sabina Crippa A cross-disciplinary course investigating different ways of writing poetry by following reason, where new paths are continually discovered blending together, diverging and then crossing over again. The project...
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