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SKREI THE JOURNEY Valentina Tamborra: 2-31 October 2021
SKREI – THE JOURNEY. Valentina Tamborra
SKREI – THE JOURNEY. Valentina Tamborra
From 02 to 31 October 2021

A photographic journey from Rome and Venice to the Lofoten Islands, retracing navigator Pietro Querini’s adventurous tale.

A journey between Italy and Norway masterfully illustrated through photographs that capture the briny world of the Nordic seas.

A  picture story made up of migrations, human beings, places and traditions that serve as an opportunity for encounters and exchanges between different worlds.

The Fondazione Querini Stampalia will be hosting Valentina Tamborra’s photographic exhibitionSkrei – Il Viaggio’, organized and promoted in partnership with the Norwegian Seafood Council and Tørrfisk fra Lofoten AS, and curated byRoberto Mutti.

On display are around forty photographs – including large-sized ones – taken by the Milanese photographer, whose project revolves around the theme of the journey, as emphasized by the very title of the exhibition: skrei is the name of particular variety of Norwegian codfish. It derives from an ancient term of Viking origin meaning ‘to journey’, in the sense of migrating, of moving forward. Each year this fish makes a genuine migration from the Barents Sea to return to the northern stretch of the Norwegian coastline, where it lays its eggs. 

This journey extends for thousands of kilometres, just like the journey Valentina Tamborra makes through her photographic work. She sets out from distant roots and covers considerable distances, ultimately returning to her point of departure. Everything began in the Vatican Library in Rome and in the Marciana Library in Venice, which house documents pertaining to the adventurous life of the nobleman and mariner Pietro Querini. After surviving the wreck of his carrack, he reached the Lofoten Islands in 1432, where he was rescued by local fishermen who taught him their methods for drying, preserving and processing cod. Pietro eventually brought this method to Venice, enshrining codfish’s place in the Italian culinary tradition.  

Through this project, the photographer pays tribute to Rome and Venice, but also to the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, which lie at the heart of her photo story. She lends them a new rhythm by casting an initially almost enchanted gaze on the local natural scenery – where the snow, ice, and blue sky stand out like primordial elements – and on the human beings who live here with their families and personal stories, in an almost symbiotic relationship with nature, metaphorically expressed by fishing. 

This journey between Italy and Norway – masterfully illustrated through photographs that capture the briny world of the Nordic seas – is the guiding thread connecting the story of a ‘humble’ fish – that became an Italian speciality – to that of human beings, faces, places, ancient and modern traditions, and celebrations serving as an opportunity for the encounter and exchange between different worlds and cultures.

Valentina Tamborra (Milan, 1983) lives and works in Milan. She chiefly focuses on photo stories and portraits, and loves to combine narratives and images in her work. Her projects have been exhibited in Milan, Rome, and Naples. In April 2018, at the Photofestival in Milan, she was awarded the Premio AIF Nuova Fotografia. A photography teacher at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milano, she has organized workshops and seminars  for some of Italy’s leading institutions, such as theNABA and IED.


Norwegian Seafood Council, a semi-public body established to safeguard and support the sale of Norwegian seafood products around the world and to promote the culture associated with them through marketing and educational activities.

Seafood from Norway is a registered trademark of the Norwegian Seafood Council that guarantees the Norwegian origin of certain seafood products on the market

Tørrfisk fra Lofoten AS - The “Lofoten Stockfish” consortium is an organization comprising twenty-three producers and exporters who employ and manage a traditional method of production for stockfish. This consortium was established in 2007, when the product was awarded the Protected Geographical Indication label on a national level. In 2014, “Lofoten Stockfish received Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status on the European level.

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