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Venice Flooding. 12 November 2019

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As a result of the exceptional flood that struck the city of Venice on the night of 12 November 2019, the Querini Stampalia Foundation suffered severe damage to the entire ground floor of the building.


It is still too early to be able to accurately quantify the economic extent of the damages in detail, but a first assessment has already come to an estimate of several hundreds of thousands of euros, around half a million, between damages that can be registered at the moment and secondary damages that will have to be dealt with in the next weeks.


An initial survey revealed significant destruction to the spaces of the building designed by Carlo Scarpa, as well as to the Auditorium, the locker area, the bookshop, and the cafeteria


Although the art collection was not affected, the book collection was severely damaged: miscellaneous works from the late nineteenth century, occupying 35 meters of shelf space, require urgent treatment to ensure preservation.  Also, modern publications and periodicals, occupying 460 meters of shelf space located in both the main building and in external storage areas in the historical centre of Venice, were completely submerged in water.

Several utility systems and the elevators are currently not operational. There is considerable damage to the cafeteria. A portion of the Bookshop was heavily affected by the flood with the loss of books and drawings and damage to the furnishings.


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