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A combination of both public and private support of the Querini Foundation over the years has enabled fortification of infrastructural maintenance as well as creation and promotion of new projects.

Under a specific law supervised by Venice's Water Authority, the museum was able to restore and enlarge many of its rooms (1992-1999) and to augment its services.

Funding from the Superintendecy for Environmental and Architectural Heritage enabled the preservation of museum fixtures (1996) as well as two  rooms (2002). From 2005 to 2008, several more rooms were restored using IRPEF donations (0.8%). And restoration of the Scarpa Area was realized thanks in part to contributions from the Veneto Region in 2006.

As evidence of its esteem, the Querini Foundation is included in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage's three-year plan (pursuant to law 534/96), receiving an annual allocation.

Form 1984 to 2009, the Veneto Region earmarked a significant contribution for the Querini's running expenses and continues its annual support towards the organization of seminars, educational, contemporary art and architectural projects; the publication of books and digital projects; as well as restoration work on the museum and the library.

Since 1995, the Querini Foundation has been in charge of the regional library on behalf of the Veneto Region, as far as the Library economic and archives are concerned.

Since 1979, by means of a specific agreement, the Municipality of Venice has been greatly involved in the Library's functioning, acknowledging its role as the Civic Library of the historic city centre.

Carlo Scarpa Area
Photo by Francesco Castagna
Carlo Scarpa Area

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