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The Querini Stampalia to EXPO Veneto
Expo Veneto - LogoL
Expo Veneto - LogoL
Expo Veneto - LogoL
From 01 May to 20 September 2015

The  Querini Stampalia Foundation to Expo Veneto,  the showcase of the events proposed by the productive system, the local authorities and associations of the Venetian territory running from May 1st to October 31st, 2015 on the occasion of the Expo of Milan.

This portal allows you to live the Universal Exposition in a way never experienced before: which is to say Expo not as an EXPosition but as an EXPerience. www.expoveneto.it

In Querini Stampalia Foundation, where ancient and contemporary arts meet, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a noble Venetian historic residence,  but also admire  architectural spaces of Carlo Scarpa and Mario Botta.

The Institution, always careful to the contemporary languages, also presents the exhibitions Grisha Bruskin. Alefbet: Alphabet of memory and Jimmie Durham. Venice: Objects, Work and Tourism.

As part of the Expo, the theme of water is explored as a resource essential for life, but also as a passage used for centuries by men, goods, culture and knowledge.

The Querini Stampalia Foundation offers educational workshops to families related to these topics.  

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