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Un'evidenza fantascientifica. Luigi Ghirri, Andrea Zanzotto, Giuseppe Caccavale: May 14 - October 17
Evidenza fantascientifica
Evidenza fantascientifica
From 14 May to 17 October 2021

For the third act of the research programme related to the Fondo Luigi Ghirri, the Fondazione Querini Stampalia is presenting a project that places photography, painting and poetry in relation to one another, creating a new opportunity to appreciate these artistic languages.

After the 2015 exhibition ‘Paesaggi d’aria. Luigi Ghirri e Yona Friedman’, which saw the work of the Emilia-Romagna photographer connect with the visionary theory of the famous Hungarian architect, and the 2017 exhibition ‘Le pietre del cielo. Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro’ in which a great master of contemporary sculpture related to the photographer’s work, this year the dialogue is a three way: the visual artist Giuseppe Cacccavale and the great poet Andrea Zanzotto confront Luigi Ghirri’s works on the vast theme of the landscape, the connecting thread that runs through each of the three acts.

The languages of photography, poetry and painting come together here to compose a new landscape that is so unrecognisable and transfigured that it looks like a landscape from another world: a sci-fi world.

The title, Un’evidenza fantascientifica. Luigi Ghirri, Andrea Zanzotto, Giuseppe Caccavale, is inspired by a statement made by Andrea Zanzotto: ‘No longer finding a connection in the geographical reality that we are forced to live in, the landscape backdrops of our Giorgione and Titian have taken on a sci-fi quality’ (Andrea Zanzotto, Sarà€ (stata) natura? [2006], in Id., Luoghi e paesaggi, ed. Matteo Giancotti, Bompiani 2013).

The exhibition, curated by Chiara Bertola and Andrea Cortellessa and supported by the Fondazione Querini Stampalia and the Council of Pieve di Soligo in association with the Zanzotto family to commemorate the centenary of Andrea Zanzotto’s birth, is installed at the Querini Stampalia and will be open to the public from 14 May to 17 October 2021.

To mark the occasion, the artist Giuseppe Caccavale has been asked to create a large wall installation in the old Portego of the Querini Stampalia library, the ‘Murale di carta’ (Paper Wall): an immense and airy watercolour that covers the walls of the large room. The result is an unexpectedly variegated and otherworldly landscape in which the artist combines figures, drawings, colours and words.

Luigi Ghirri’s photos have been arranged at the centre of the room on a large table – like an island of documents and images – together with some of Andrea Zanzotto’s autographs and ceramics and some of Giuseppe Caccavale’s drawings. The installation consists of simple and real writing styles, visual and poetic values, and alphabets that manage to embrace popular and artisanal culture and more refined and ‘high’ culture.

A collection of ‘Notebooks’ published by Corraini Edizioni was created in association with the Fondo Luigi Ghirri. The collection contains the acts of the study days and the documentary and photographic material of the exhibitions. This year the acts of the study day, together with the exhibition images, will be collected in the third Fondo Luigi Ghirri Notebook, once again published by Corraini edizioni thanks to the cooperation of the Galleria Massimo Minini in Brescia.

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