The Wonders of
Palazzo Querini

A Treasure Trove of Art, History and Architecture in the Heart of Venice

Not to miss

The Fondazione has built on the immense artistic patrimony that Giovanni Querini bequeathed to Venice and the world, and which was amassed over a period spanning more than 500 years. Furnishings, sculptures, and paintings from the fourteenth century to the present are housed in the family palace. The palace itself is also a work of art, with its museum spaces remaining intact as an authentic home and the contemporary architecture designed by Carlo Scarpa, Valeriano Pastor, Mario Botta, and Michele De Lucchi.

Painters not to be missed include Giovanni Bellini, Palma il Vecchio, Pietro Longhi and Giambattista Tiepolo. Highlights from the Collezione Intesa Sanpaolo, entrusted to the Fondazione in 2018, include Jacopo Tintoretto and his son Domenico, Canaletto, Ippolito Caffi, and the sculptor Arturo Martini.

The ‘Conserving the Future’ programme inhabits the palace with works by contemporary artists: from Joseph Kosuth to Kiki Smith, Stefano Arienti, Remo Salvadori, and Mona Hatoum. During temporary exhibitions, manuscripts, antique texts, maps and photographs are brought out of the archive’s treasure chest and exhibited to the public.

A journey through time

From the vault to the Palazzo

Straddling past and present

Readings from the present

Events and News

The Archives

These are the works in the storerooms, everything you don’t see during your visit but which is there and no less important. From illustrated manuscripts to sixteenth-century books and contemporary art, from photographic archives to coin collections, not to mention paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, tapestries, cadastral maps, atlases: an entire world.

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