Di libro in libro

Book club

Reading, a common and often solitary activity. But why not voice our views and exchange them with other reading enthusiasts?
Simply talk about your own ideas and listen to those of others. These are the prerequisites for participating in ‘Di libro in Libro‘ Querini’s reading group that meets the first Thursday of the month. A regular event that allows interested readers to meet and spend a convivial time, meet new authors, discover new readings and delve into others.

The proposal for 2023/24 is a series of meetings entitled: Middle East. The land of Scheherezade, garden of Eden, lands of contrasts, lands of departures.

A journey in which to listen to the voices of women and men who inhabit the eastern Mediterranean and, crossing the Suez Strait, arrive where our Sea meets the Ocean.
These are small states in terms of surface area, but large in terms of the suggestions they evoke and fundamental to the balance of this region and all of Europe. Countries of diasporas and born of diasporas, of conflicts distant in time that always flare up again, of political, social, religious and cultural dictatorships that sometimes stifle these voices.
And it is still not easy to find evidence in Italian of these voices, as if we were dealing with minor literatures.

Participation is free and open to all. For more information write to: biblioteca@querinistampalia.org.