‘Parliamone’ with Eugenia Morpurgo. Workshop

October 23, 2023

An opportunity to suggest a new way of thinking about the relationship between the built environment and the natural ecosystem in which it is set, becoming a fertile ground for the birth of new relationships among people and between them and the environment” – Eugenia Morpurgo

‘Parliamone’ with Eugenia Morpurgo, researching designer

An appointment about doing between the events designed to deepen DoorScape. Each time is a unique opportunity to meet photographers, architects, philosophers, historians, designers and talk with them: dialogues beyond the classic conference that recover the multidisciplinary nature of the project.

What is entrance architecture for a researching designer? How does a photographer or an architect approach the concept of the threshold? The element of the threshold, present in everyone’s lives, in Querini becomes metaphorically and literally a point of encounter.

The workshop will be in Italian language.

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