‘Parliamone’ with: Davide Angeli, Setion Branko e Arlinda Lalaj Branko

November 23, 2023

“Designing a threshold involves thinking about the human gesture of the person crossing it. The transition between an inside and an outside world is related to relational dynamics and has to be defined by a spatial element capable of creating a tension toward the other, fostering connection between the parts.” – AMDL CIRCLE & Michele De Lucchi

‘Parliamone’ with: Davide Angeli, Setion Branko e Arlinda Lalaj Branko

The dialogue with AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi closes the appointments designed to deepen DoorScape. We met Davide Angeli, deputy managing director of AMDL CIRCLE, Setion Branko and Arlinda Alalaj Branko (Branko Office for Architecture), winners of the competition. With them ends Parliamone: the informal dialogues, beyond the classic lecture, through which we developed the exhibition’s public program in recent months.

The element of the threshold, present in everyone’s lives, in Querini becomes for the last time metaphorically and literally a cue and a meeting point.

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The talk will be in Italian language.


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